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Manufacturing Building Materials from Plastic Waste

Kubik has won the Global Start-up Award for two years in a row

Kubik, Inc. (‘’Kubik”) is a USA-incorporated company that deals in converting plastic waste into affordable building materials for public and commercial use. Kubik uses hard to recycle plastics to manufacture building materials with a lower carbon footprint than equivalent cement-based materials. Some of the materials produced by Kubik are rubber bricks, beams, and connectors designed to interlock and avoid the need for additional substances like cement.

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Harnessing Organic Waste to Support the Food Value Chain

Harnessing Organic Waste to Support the Food Value Chain

Established in 2021, NeoFarm is a Senegalese start-up that aims to bio-convert organic waste with insects to manufacture high quality input for animal and plant growth. The company has established a vertical farm in Senegal where it breeds and rears the black soldier fly (BSF) in optimal climatic conditions.

NeoFarm operates through a circular model where it collects organic waste from localities, uses the collected organic waste and its proprietary processes to rear and transform the BSF larvae into a high nutritional value protein powder and high fat oil for animal feed and an organic fertilizer for agriculture.

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