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Kenya – Sanitisation Solutions – Sanergy Deal Support

Sanergy Safely Collects And Removes All Forms Of Organic Waste

Founded in 2011, Sanergy operates in Kenya’s waste management sector, transforming the way cities, including Nairobi, handle their waste. Sanergy has the capacity to safely collect and treat 12,000 tons of organic waste – sanitation, municipal, and agricultural – a year and convert it into valuable products such as insect-based proteins derived from black soldier flies for animal feed, organic fertiliser to restore soil quality and structure, and biomass fuel briquettes.

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Rwanda – PPE Pink Mango Deal Support

Producing PPE to combat COVID-19 in Rwanda

Garment manufacturer and exporter C&D Products/Pink Mango Group was established in 1998 in Hong Kong. It manufactures and exports bags, garments, home textiles and packaging for a wide range of internationally recognised brands. The group has formed strategic partnerships with factories in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Rwanda. In 2019, Pink Mango acquired and upgraded an export-led garments factory in Rwanda that employs 1,000 workers.

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Kenya – MA Buyside Support to Investor in Packaging and Printing Business

Private equity investor Phatisa has acquired a significant minority stake in MHL International Holdings Limited (MHL) which is a subsidiary of The Manipal Group – an India-based conglomerate with interests in the printing, packaging and technology sectors. MHL delivers packaging solutions to businesses with a special focus on pharmaceutical, food and beverage, personal care products, FMCG, oil, chemicals, flowers etc.

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