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The recently launched Manufacturing Africa Tanzania convened its first stakeholder engagement gathering on May 23, 2024. The event was designed to introduce the UK government funded Manufacturing Africa (MA) programme to key stakeholders including the European Union’s business community in Tanzania. The primary objective of the gathering was to create awareness about the programme and generate potential transaction leads for MA support.

Attendees at the breakfast event were 32 professionals from diverse sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, ICT, financial services, and advisory services.

The session kicked off with a presentation focusing on the challenges faced by manufacturers in Africa. This set the stage for a deeper discussion into the MA operating model, which was aimed at explaining how MA can synergize with financial institutions to provide financing for Tanzanian manufacturers. Prominent financial entities such as NMB Bank Tanzania, CRDB Bank Plc and Stanbic Bank were present, highlighting the financial sector’s interest in supporting manufacturing growth in Africa.

A highlight of the event was the airing of a documentary featuring an MA beneficiary in Kenya, which showcased their successful USD 15 million fundraise. Additionally, testimonials from Jabari Cashew, another MA beneficiary from Tanzania, provided attendees with real-life success stories, illustrating the tangible impacts of MA’s initiatives.

The meeting successfully laid the groundwork for future collaborations that are poised to transform the manufacturing landscape in Tanzania.

Through continuous engagement and similar strategic partnerships, Manufacturing Africa looks forward to a future where African manufacturers can thrive and compete on a global stage, ultimately contributing to the continent’s economic development and sustainability.